Toaletní mýdlo 100 g


Toaletní mýdlo 100g.

Více informací

Na skladě: 464 Položky (k odoslaniu ihneď)

Skladom na externom sklade: 48922 Položky (Dodací lhůta 3-6 pracovních dnů)

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11 Kč 0,46 € s DPH

11 Kč

Dodáváme dle aktuální nabídky, MIX vůní. Obrázky jsou pouze ilustrační! Toaletní mýdlo 100g.

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+421 918 910 077 on working days 7:00 - 15:00

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Více informací

Dodáváme dle aktuální nabídky, MIX vůní. Obrázky jsou pouze ilustrační!

Toaletní mýdlo 100g.

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Frequently asked questions

When is the shop open?

  • MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:00 - 15:00

Are the prices listed in the e-shop also valid in the store?

No, counter prices apply in the store. Internet prices are valid exclusively in the online store.

Is it possible to order goods in the e-shop and pick them up at the store? If so, what are the conditions?

Yes, it is possible to order goods in the e-shop and pick them up in person at a brick-and-mortar store. When picking up in person at the store, it is not possible to change the order from the e-shop. The order is binding. When picking up the order, it is possible to pay in cash or by credit card. In the case of personal collection, the buyer does not pay postage and packaging.

Is registration required?

No, registration is not mandatory. When ordering, however, it is necessary to fill in the data necessary to send the goods. However, if you are a regular subscriber, it is more convenient for you to register and save time by repeatedly filling in mandatory data. In addition, as a registered customer, you will receive an additional 5% discount on the entire assortment. Even on already discounted products.

What is the price for the delivery of the shipment and when will the shipment with the goods run out?

You can see the price list and delivery conditions look here. Guaranteed delivery on the second working day after receiving the order by 12:00 p.m. In the case of goods that are in an external warehouse, we usually ship within 3-6 working days.

Payment for ordered goods

As standard, payment by cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods, payment by payment card and, for companies, payment in advance on a pre-invoice and, for permanent wholesale customers, on an invoice with an agreed maturity.

Sizes of goods

You can have size charts for clothes and shoes  look here.

For which order are discounts possible?

A discount is not possible for bulk orders. In the case of tens of pieces, we will of course react and take into account the possibility of applying a discount. Please contact us at to negotiate a price.

Ordered item bad size?

If the products do not match your size, you can exchange them within 14 days from the day of delivery. Returned goods cannot be damaged or worn, all original labels and tags that came with the product are required. You can bring the goods you want to exchange in person to our brick-and-mortar store, or send them (without cash on delivery) filled out form  to our address:
Pilex s.r.o.
Sládkovičova 3287
034 01 Ružomberok.
Form  can be found here.
As soon as the goods that you request to exchange arrive from you, we will immediately send you the required size for exchange, if the goods are in stock. If the goods are not in stock, we have to order them and the delivery time is 3-6 working days, except for special orders, for which the delivery time can be extended.

How to apply a discount coupon?

  1. Choose a product and put it in the cart.
  2. V košíku vložte zľavový kód do poľa KÓD ZĽAVOVÉHO KUPÓNU a potvrďte tlačidlom APLIKOVAŤ ZĽAVU. (Nájdete ho v spodnej časti obrazovky)
  3. If all the conditions for applying the discount are met, you will immediately see the price of the product reduced by the discount from the coupon. You will thus get an immediate overview of the final price for the goods and be sure that the discount has been applied.

Shipping payment options

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Osobní odběr v Pilexe
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Kurýr nad 50kg
129,60 €
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Kurýr DPD do 50kg
23,50 €
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Kurýr DPD do 25kg
4,80 €
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